Friday, October 14, 2016


Well, ummm, I guess I should make my annual blog post. I swaney it's hard to keep this blog up, but I'm gritting my teeth and praying that procrastination is on its ugly way out the door. Anyway, this morning I've had such a strong urge to share with you the blessings of the Lord from this week. I asked on Facebook that those who wished to, should send goodies for our ladies retreat bags and, oh my, what a wonderful response I've had. From makeup samples to book markers and booklets, we've received enough till our bags will NOT look empty. For a missions church, funds are always hard to come by when you have a special day such as a ladies retreat or men's prayer breakfast. I also asked for our ladies to check and see if they had gifts or things they'd bought and would not use, to give them for door prizes and yep, we have plenty of those, too. Our ladies even bought most of the bulbs for crafts. And I give all the thanks to the Lord for only He can make a person want to share. So often we have the attitude of, "it's mine." But praise be to Him, the response from his children has been exceptional and has created in me an attitude of gratitude. Be blessed my friends.