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  1. I am so laughing as I write this. I I'm pretty certain that I'm a hypochondriac. At least I have several symptoms. WINK WINK. LOL, I actually am pretty healthy. I'm fifty-nine and only take two prescription pills so that's something, right? However, I want to start my sixties, healthy, happy and whole. So we are walking again and I'm drinking only water and low-carbing. I've had a bad limp now for about six months and it got worse and worse. It wasn't my back nor actually my hip. It was the "outside" of my hip. Finally, I was able to see a chiropractor and he has helped tremendously. I'm actually walking without thinking about it. I bet you wonder what that means, huh? Well, when your ability to walk normal is compromised you don't know if you're going to be able to stand let alone take a step. You continually think about how your legs feel when you get up. So, several times lately I've just walked as normal. That's a blessed relief. I've been told I have a hernia from where I had gallbladder surgery. Hoping I can take care of that myself, but we shall see. Dr. Rock seems to think he can rebuild me. Hardy har har. Imagine a chiropractor with a name like Rock O'Riley. He has one of those newfangled beds that you step up on the little step and put your face in the slot and it lowers you to a prone position on your stomach. I'm afraid that when it brings me back upright my feet will slip off that little step and I'll go sliding down the bed into a heap on the floor. I'm already embarrassed that my makeup stains his little white paper he rolls across the slot for your nose so you can breathe. And I never know where to put my hands. I'm terrified that they will get caught in the contraption that lowers the bed. And then he expects you to relax while he breaks your bones......Law, I think I could easily talk myself outta going back there.....but then there's the pain that keeps me awake at night. If ya have any dieting tips let me know. I'm open to good food; love all natural things; try and do organic as much as possible and wish I could grow my own garden.