This has been a busy month in the Kincaid family. Eli celebrated his birthday on the 12th; Andy graduated high school and Daren's birthday is the 29th. Add to that little Olivia completed Preschool 2 year old's and was bumped up to her mom's 3 yr old class. I must say, hearing things about the lives of the grand kids makes our live feel full and blessed. Then our adopted daughter, Lindsay, and husband, Seth and baby Easton came for a visit and we had the absolute best time with them. God puts people in our lives to make special times and love to abound. I'm hoping and praying we can go home soon to visit with everyone. It would appear that no more grandchildren will be added to our family so we will wait and see what happens with great grandchildren. Be blessed!

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  1. Recently my granddaughter, Katelyn Brooke Kincaid, came and spent three weeks with us here in Texas. What a delight she was. We laughed, cried, cooked, cleaned, shopped and she even helped me in VBS. One of the things we laughed over is that she's been saying, "Shew, gah," since she was about five years old. She still does. She and one of my other granddaughters, Laura, spent a lot of time together here at the Hangar and also at Laura's house. My brother, Terrill Crump, and wife Kathy, came to preach a revival for son-in-law, Mark and they stayed with us. We had a house full and enjoyed every minute. Family is important. Don't ever think you're better off without them because family will always have your back. Why? Because the know you. Even in your worst times, they above all others have seen how you react...they know what you're made of and they will stand with you when no one else will. I love my family. We've been through a lot of trials the last three years, but God has been faithful and he has healed all the broken places.