Ministry Updates

Seems like ministry has been especially hard this year, but then our nation has been in distress and our homes also. I guess that's why our churches suffer. Or maybe it's the other way around. When we aren't fully dedicated to the Lord, all aspects of life turn topsy turvy and we lose valuable time getting things right again. It's been a battle at Cornerstone; I may not understand it because there's lots of love there amongst the people-we haven't changed our doctrine and we're still doing the things the scriptures tell us to do. But we're in a battle like never before. My devotions this week was on adversity. The writer said that God doesn't particularly want us to face adversity but he also wouldn't deliver us from it. To recall Ruth's life and then Esther's. God's plan is to see us through it and He will get the honor and glory.  So if he brings Cornerstone to your mind this week, say a prayer for us. We certainly could use it. Thanks!!!!

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  1. Whew, seems like we finish one thing and run right smack into another. We just finished VBS and now in a week and a half we start camp. This camp will be different because we plan to have it at our church. We will be small in number, but sometimes that's better. More one on one time. I can hardly wait. But, there is so much to be done and so little time to accomplish it in. However, we have such a good group of people helping, so I'm sure we will be ready right on time. Pray for us though, because we'd love to see our youth on fire for the Lord and that comes about by prayer and dedication to the will of the Lord. We sure do want souls for our labor. Will post pics as soon as I can.